Wednesday, August 27, 2008

23 Things: Things #4 & #5: Exploring Flickr

I've used Flickr in the past, but didn't know there were so many cool things that a person could DO with it, if so inclined.

The photostream for the Winsted Library is: winstedlibrary29

I uploaded some images from the library as well as from our Summer Reading 2008 Kickoff Party.

For Thing 5 (actually doing something with Flickr), I spelled out Winsted Library.

W I McElman_071126_2025 S Wooden Tag T McElman_071026_2472_E Pewter Uppercase Letter D L I Alphabet Block b r- A r Y

I really like how that widget works! How cool is that to just click on a letter for it to change? Hats off to the person who put together that combination of PHP and javascript (both of which are somewhat difficult on their own).

As for how I will use this-
Well, I think that it's pretty cool to be able to upload the photos so that any of our patrons can view and share them. For home, I tend to use Kodak EasyShare to upload and share our photos, but I have to send an e-mail invitation directly to people so that they can view them. But, that's not really an efficient option for the library...

I am good with Microsoft Office, and can create lots of things, but the documents are fairly limited clipart- & picture-wise. By using Flickr, they can be greatly enhanced.

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