Monday, December 1, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days: November 2008

Working on 16 things this month:

#2 Graduate w/MLIS degree (finishing up Fall term, then One. More. Class.)
#10 Read 20 of 100 All Time Classics (getting there...)
#12 Watch 101 movies (why is it so hard for me to watch movies?!?
#24 Read Inspector Rebus series
#26 Frame pictures of the ocean and hang up (have the frame now...)
#51 Watch 10 Documentaries
#57 Choose 2 kids from the church's Jesse Tree and buy them presents (Did one, still trying to find a present for other)
#68 Update Control Journal;
#71 Make 7 recipes from the Harry and David Cupcake cookbook (so far, 2/2 haven't turned out as I'dve expected them to...and no, it's not just me. I can bake like nothing doing.)
#77 Say yes 5 times when I'd rather say no
#78 Do Advent readings and wreath
#81 Complete a crossword puzzle book (hadn't worked on any for awhile, so when I did one the other night, I think I hurt my brain)
#84 Read all the Josephine Tey books (12/08:changed to 'all her Inspector Alan Grant' books...those are what I'd had in mind, but had forgotten that she'd written others as well.)
#87 Clean up computer document files (have to finish this-for Christmas my husband got me a new system, and I don't want to have to migrate a bunch of crap over)
#89 Write 3 letters complimenting good service
#90 Write 3 letters pointing out bad service

Lisa's Master 101 Things in 1001 Days List

1. Fly first class as a family
2. Graduate with MLIS degree (target date: May 2009)
3. Watch all the seasons of '24'
4. Build new house (moved in 10/11/08)
5. Start Roth IRA's for both of us
6. Get mutual funds transferred (Done 4/1/08)
7. Read all books on saved page a day calendar pages (through 2007)(106 left to go)
8. Watch Season 2 of 'Digging for the Truth' (Done 7/19/2008)
9. Beat PSX2 game Galaga
10. Read 20 of 100 All Time Classics (Modern Library) that I haven't read already (2/20)
11. Read 10 Biographies
12. Watch 101 movies in theater or at home (16/101)
13. Tithe 10% of net for 3 months
14. Health 1
15. Health 2
16. Health 3
17. Health 4
18. Write wills
19. Take boxes of books to Half Price (Done 10/19/07)
20. Send up DVD's for cataloging
21. Have new family picture taken
22. Design library webpage & link to system and city
23. Visit 10 other libraries in my system I haven't been to yet
24. Read entire Inspector Rebus series (1/18)
25. Learn the Rosary prayers
26. Frame black & white pictures of the ocean and hang up
27. Donate hair to Locks of Love (Done 1/3/08)
28. Go to a Latin Mass
29. Watch a Cowboys/Vikings game in Dallas
30. Watch Cowboys/Vikings game in Minnesota
31. Learn a card trick
32. Learn to juggle
33. Send birthday cards to family members for 1 year
34. Send Christmas Cards with family photograph
35. Visit Williamsburg
36. Visit 5 art galleries in Minnesota
37. Go to 1 week of Twins' Spring Training with my family
38. Visit New Orleans at Mardi Gras & attend Ash Wednesday Mass there
39. Go back to Scotland and golf at St Andrews with my family
40. Visit England for 2 weeks
41. Visit 5 states I haven't been to yet
42. Go to Glastonbury for Summer Solstice
43. Spend a day at the main Smithsonian
44. Go to the Library of Congress
45. Spend a day or seven at the British Museum
46. Spend a day or two or three at the Louvre
47. Go camping
48. Renew our wedding vows
49. Run 1 mile without stopping in 12 minutes or less
50. Upload all my CD's to my iTunes
51. Watch 10 documentaries(2/10)
52. Clothing 1
53. Get eyebrows professionally waxed
54. Learn how to play Cribbage
55. Donate $1000 to Higher Ground (Done 12/8/07)
56. Listen to Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud
(Completely Done 3/20/08)
57. Choose 2 kids from church's Jesse Tree @ Christmas and buy them presents
58. Update photo albums
59. Replant plant on towel shelf (Done 6/6/08)
60. Sell statues on eBay
61. Join both ALA & MLA (Done 10/30/07)
62. Make a monthly budget
63. Edit a Wikipedia article (Done 9/4/2008: did the Winsted, Minnesota article)
64. Learn to swim
65. Make a 20 item anti-procrastination list (done 7/15/08)
66. Do all 20 anti-procrastination list items within the month (done 8/15/2008)
67. Type out Goodwill donation tax slip (Done 3/4/08)
68. Update FLYControl Journal (waiting for life insurance information)
69. Get important documents in fire proof box
70. Complete at least 50 things on list by 12 February 2009 (22/50) [In process: 16]
71. Make 7 recipes from the Harry & David Cupcake Cookbook (2/7)
72. [private]
73. Go see 10 Minnesota Tourist attractions
74. Get eyes checked (done 8/26/2008)
75. Get new glasses (or contacts)
76. Host big family Christmas
77. Say yes 5 times when I'd rather say no (1/5)
78. Do Advent readings and wreath
79. Do Lent the 'right' way
80. Frame tree picture
81. Complete a crossword puzzle book
82. Do the FLYLady thing for one cycle of the zones
83. Over Christmas Break 2007 see 5 first run movies in theater (5/5, done 1/7/08)
84. Read all the Josephine Tey books[12/08:changed to 'all her Inspector Alan Grant' books](1/5)
85. Go to Annual Family Bowling Night
86. Plant trees in yard
87. Clean up computer document files
88. Read "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (done 8/19/2008)
89. Write 3 letters complimenting good service (1/3)
90. Write 3 letters pointing out bad service (1/3)
91. Write local/state representatives letters about how important libraries are
92. Catalog 25 books on LibraryThing (done 7/14/08)
93. Start a Library Blog (done 1/18/08)
94. Summer Break 2008- see 5 first run movies in theater (5/5)(Done 9/1/2008)
95. Walk to work 30 times (30/30)(Done 9/12/08)
96. Link library webpage to librarysites
97. Bike around the lake
98. Walk everyday for 30 minutes for 1 week.
99. Host a Summer Croquet tournament
100. Send my mother in law flowers just because (done 8/5/2008)
101. Finish writing this list (done 12/21/07)


Peifer's 23 Things said...

What documentaries are you going to watch? I love this idea of "living by the numbers"!

Lisa said...

So far I've watched: The Persuaders and The Sisters of Selma.

I have a list I found from Britain that had many that I have had on my 'someday' list, so I'm choosing titles from that. There are others that I have in mind that aren't on this list, like When the Levees Broke, Trouble the Water, and Desert Bayou.

I love documentaries, but never seem to take the time to watch them. (that's why they're on the list ;) )