Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Things On a Stick: Thing 25 Blogger's Toolkit

So, which ones did you add to your blog?

Some of these I already had on my blog from the 1st round (Flickr slideshow; Sitemeter) & some I added for this round (Harry Potter Countdown, Twitter badge & Tag Cloud). I took off the Flickr slideshow just because I wanted to clean up the sidebar.

Which ones did you reject as too much work, not enough usefulness, or for another reason?

I chose not to put the survey stuff on, mainly because, well, I didn't want to. I'm still evaluating different widgets. I've been using my blog as more of a professional/graduate studies tool, so just because I *can* put something in it is absolutely no guarantee that I will. I'm more of a 'just the facts' kind of person, and I think my blog reflects that.

SnapShots is an application that irritates the heck out of me. When I'm reading an article which incorporates this hyperlinking, I inevitably seem to trigger the pop-out box...which I have to either close, or move my mouse. Either way, it takes up time I could've been reading said article. So, no. I'm not going to add something like that to my own blog.

How much time did you spend on this?

I didn't really keep track of the total time spent. I tend to run in spurts, so if something interests me, I will dink with it for hours and not notice. On the other hand, I tend to make really quick calls on whether something will be useful to me right now, so if the application wasn't, it got a pass (for now-I did bookmark ones that looked intriguing to look at later).

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