Tuesday, February 5, 2008

23 Things on a Stick-Thing #1

Obviously I have set up my blog-that was the easy part. I even created an avatar through Yahoo!, but I ultimately decided to go with one from my own files.

I had already set up a blog for a homework assignment in one of my MLIS classes this term (I'm currently a MLIS student at St Kate's in St Paul, MN), and had figured out how to tweak the templates and settings. You can find it at: http://librarydigressions.blogspot.com/ . It's the blog I set up for the Winsted Public Library, located in Winsted, Minnesota, where I work.

I also added a Sitemeter visitor count widget-it was part of the Challenge section. I will work a doing a Blogroll next.

So far, the tasks have been easy. I'm not always enthused about new technology-too many times the upkeep & maintenance seem to take up too much of my already limited free time. I'm not afraid to try it out, though. My general theory is that if something goes wrong, I can always turn off or close the application and walk away to be able to give myself time to think about it.

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sammie said...

Welcome to 23 Things on a Stick. This is a wonderful blog page. I look forward to watching the colors on your lists change. Robin