Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 33-Travel 2.0

Would any of these sites be useful to your library?

I'm going to have to go with, "Not really." But, as a resource 'just in case', some of these were better than others. People who come into the library seem to fall into 2 broad camps: 1)not really computer-literate to begin with, and view the computers as a necessary evil. Oftentimes these people are just struggling to find a job, so I'm not thinking they have much disposable income to go traveling much. 2)People who are better off, but already go south for the winter (usually to the same spots), and like their established routine. It's not that the sites are terrible, it's just that they're more for people who are even moderately tech-savvy.

What was your favorite(s) site(s) and why?

Eh, I didn't really have a favorite out of any of them. I liked parts of some more than others. I'm more about the links..."Oooh, where does *this* go?"

Did you find any new sites that you'd like to share?

There's a couple that I like to browse:

Everything Everywhere is done by a guy (Gary) who is currently traveling around the world. He takes the *most* incredible photos! I think I first stumbled across him on Twitter, and I am a fan of his on Facebook as well.

Indie Travel Podcast is more than just podcasts; the articles and videos are also great. They are on Twitter as well.

Here are others I like, in no particular order:

Have you watched the show GlobeTrekkers? I love the exuberance of the presenters.

I just like Let's Go. It's practical and doesn't have a ton of ads, which I can appreciate.

When I studied abroad in Scotland, one of the best things I took with me was my Lonely Planet Guide. The Lonely Planet site is just as good.

My undergrad degree is in History. My concentration was Medieval England. I can't time travel back, but I can visit via sites such as English Heritage, Colchester Museums, Visit Britain (also on Twitter) and Untold London.

I like to see new places, but haven't had much travel experience outside the United States. So, until I can get to the actual places, I can do a whole bunch of armchair traveling.

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