Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 38-Screencasting

Which of the services did you explore? What made you choose the one you used?
I'll be honest...I didn't create my own screencast because I didn't want to download any of the programs to my home computer, and I can't on the library computer. But I did go through the different tutorials, FAQ's, etc. If I had to choose just one to use, I think I'd go with either Skitch or Jing just because they're fairly easy to use.

How easy was it to use? Intuitive? Too hard??

I think Skitch would be easier to use, but Jing might be more useful for a group kind of project. They're somewhere between intuitive and hard...but nothing that I can't figure out. I'm of the "What happens if I click this" style of doing things, so I'm not afraid to click on something just to see what it does. I'm not sure someone with limited computer skills would be looking to do something like this, but for someone who is comfortable in the digital world, these are excellent tools.

Can you see using this for your library? Personally??

For the library: Oh heck yes! Tutorials on how to use the catalog, fill out a library card application, finding books--the possibilities are endless.

For personal use? Eh, maybe. I can most definitely see how useful these would've been during the group projects for school. There was one that we all were working remotely, and I remember the frustration at not being able to point to my screen and say, "This is what I'm seeing...*this* is what I'm having problems with." Ah, live and learn. Live and learn.

This is definitely a most useful Thing.

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