Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 40 Mashup the Web

Which mashups did you explore? Were they useful?
I looked at Walk Score, and was pleasantly surprised that my hometown of Winsted scores a 77/100 (even if the nice people spelled Winsted wrong...). I also looked at a Walk Score for Paris, France to see what the comparison would be, considering Paris is, oh, a gazillion times bigger than Winsted. It scored a 94/100, and is a "walkers' paradise". Huh. Good to know.

I also liked the "Let Me Google That For You" link. Ah, the fun that could be had with that...but I will resist using my super librarian powers for evil. This time.

And I love love LOVE Interestingness by Flickr! I love looking at photos, especially if they're well done. *click* Favorites.

I went to the link for the + YouTube, but it isn't working anymore.:(

Can you think of any uses for mashups at the library or at home?
There are always uses for mashups. There's probably a mashup for about everything, so, yes.

Which of the make a mashup tools did you use? How were they to use?
None...I'm good. Really.

Did you find other mashups we should know about?
It's not so much a mashup as it is a site that I like: Mashable: The Social Media Guide.

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