Friday, August 7, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 47 Evaluation

Yeah, I know I'm late in finishing. But it was bugging me that I'd only gotten through some of the Things, so I decided to finish up on my own. This round was so-so for me. Some of the Things had been covered in the 1st round, others I'd figured out on my own. There were some new Things, which makes it (mostly) worthwhile. I loved Thing 35: Books 2.0, like I need to find more to read... :D
I also liked bits and parts of various other Things. Twitter, or Thing 27 and Thing 31 is already something I use frequently, so it was interesting to see how other participants reacted to it. Some 'got it', some didn't, some stuck with it and loved it, which seems to be pretty par for the course with regards to any social media application.

Overall, every bit of 2.0 learning I do helps in some fashion, even if it's just something that I can pass on to a patron somewhere down the line. So, thank you to all the volunteers who research the different Things, and put this program together. Your work is much appreciated.

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