Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Storage Closet of Doom

Of course I didn't take a before picture. I was too focused on getting everything OUT so I could do what I do best--paint.

But aside from the bed & the chair, here's what all was in it. It was a whole lot, although it doesn't look like it in the picture:

Then it was time to pick paint colors. I thought a cheery blue was in order. Um, NO.

This was too OMG!!!! BLUE!!!!!! and needed toned down. So I mixed a quart of white with the blue and got omg blue!!!! instead:

At this point, I decided a nice off-white would be good. It's actually a light tan (according to the Kid) and blends well with the existing hallway color, which Steve was a little perplexed about.

Then it was time for the bracing. I learned how to use a chop saw and a stud finder. I like the chop saw. I'm not so fond of the stud finder, but that may have more to do with how the drywall was installed. We started off with 2 shelves and then thought, "What the hell. Let's add a 3rd because we can." We had to add the weird smaller pieces so the shelf brackets would be level, because apparently that's important.

Installing the shelf brackets were a pain in my ass. But, they got done using 5/16" x 1 1/2" lag bolts. Those shelves aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Steve cut the shelves for me while I was out and about earlier this week, and I piled stuff back in last night, and marked #16. Paint hall storage closet & set up shelves as DONE.

The next closet is already emptied and ready to be painted. I have a feeling it won't take nearly as long. One hopes...

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