Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Coming Home...

This is just one of those songs that capture much of what I'm going through mentally right now.

I graduated in May 2010, but had yet to really come back to normal life even as late as October, when I went to see the doctor for my annual exam. I'd been having extreme anxiety attacks and knew I needed some help. I couldn't sit still anymore and would just go and go until I basically fell asleep in a chair at night. My sleep patterns have been all messed up for years because of school, so I didn't think it was abnormal.

After asking me lots of questions and listening to my answers, she said what I had was fixable, and that all those times I'd had the heartburn during school--yeah, that was anxiety. She put me on Zoloft (well, the generic equivalent of) for a 3-month time-span just to "take the edge off", after which we'd re-evaluate where I was. Although I know it's not for everyone, I'd taken it before (after I had the Kid), so I knew I'd be OK. I can feel my creativity coming back, and I'm definitely feeling more like myself again every day.

I'm coming home.


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