Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 2010 Year in Reading

(Shamelessly copying, with permission, Helgagrace's blog post. For my full list, you can see this post).

Grand Total: 118
17 Audio
12 Non-fiction
10 School
32 YA (most were for school)

I have to say, I'm very surprised that I made it through so many books, but I can see right where final projects/comp tests/finals were.

I haven't read much non-fiction since I graduated, and I know I did't put down many Home remodeling/decorating titles, but that's mainly because I just look at the pictures, so I don't count them.

I'm also glad I did this list because there were a couple of months that I'd forgotten to enter some of the books from my reading journal-not-a-journal. (I write down when I start & end a book, and what series it's from, but not what I thought of it. That I can usually remember on my own.)

Keeping in mind that I didn't pay as close of attention as to the genre of the books/audios as I could've, there's a definite trend. When in school, I tended to read more YA books. I also tend to listen to more YA audios--I like the readers and the story lines are easy enough to pick back up when I haven't listened for a couple of days (almost makes me miss my looooooooong commute to St Kate's. Almost).

As for my reading goals in 2011? I'm going to go ahead and read more of what I like, not what I have to read. I've waited not-so-patiently for this for SEVEN years. I'd say I'm due.

Also, I'll be doing my normal "read at least 5 books out of my normal genres" thing. I like mysteries and thrillers. Yep. Specifically British ones, but also ones set in the US South. I tried (and thoroughly enjoyed) my first foray into Steampunk via Scott Westerfeld's 'Leviathan' (and am now on the hold list for the sequel, 'Behemoth').

I also plan on reading/listening to a few classics; there's probably been enough time since they were shoved down my throat in high school that I might be able to actually enjoy some of them. Well, that, and there won't be any tests on them *crossing fingers*.

Mostly, though, I'm going to work on my reading stamina. It's rather irritating to finally get to sit down and read at night, and then falling asleep in the chair before I've read even a chapter.

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