Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 29-Google Tools

You know, Google has a whole lot of useful apps and all...but, I don't want to put all my eggs in just one Google basket so to speak. There are occasions where Google has been down, and it sure wouldn't be pretty to not be able to access everything I use.

I actually do use Google News almost everyday. I don't have a personalized page (nor do I want one, although I do know how to make one) because I like to keep my options open. I mainly use Google News as a tool to give me an idea of what's going on. Every so often I read the stories, but I actually prefer to get my news from a couple of other sites: MSNBC or the BBC.

I don't use GMail for my own e-mail, but I do for a site that I built for my daughter's softball team. I used Google Sites for that, and have a Google calendar embedded in it. You can see it at: Chaos Fastpitch. Although useful, Google Sites is a huge pain. Maybe it's because I have more than a beginner's knowledge of HTML (and all that), but when I want to tweak something, it borders on impossible. But, for a basic site and for someone who doesn't know much about the magic behind it, I think it would work really well.

Overall, this is a useful Thing. Google really does have many good apps and tools, and most patrons are going to be more open to trying them, I think. For me personally, I don't rely too much on Google Tools.

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