Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 31-More Twitter Part 1

1. Explore some different ways to view and post to Twitter. What works best for you and why?
Normally I just post from my normal Twitter page, but I did set up (and successfully tested) a widget on my NetVibes page too. I don't use any of the other cool ways to view and post to Twitter. I'm happy with what I have--it works for me because it is simple. I've thought about test driving some of platform apps, but for now, I'm good.

2. Have you made Twitter part of your social networking plan? Why or why not? Have you integrated Twitter into any of your other socialmedia sites? What do you use it for?
Twitter is an integral part of my life. I keep it separate from my other social media sites, though. I know people who've combined Twitter and their Facebook status updates, but I don't have much overlap between the two, and I tweet too much to have it feeding into my FB update status.

I use Twitter for lots of things. Really. As I said in my Thing 27 post, "I use my Twitter account as a combination of things: communication tool, RSS feed, micro-blog (for the stuff I don't permanently want on my blog), and as a window to the whole world. The question is more "What don't I use Twitter for?"

3. Choose several of the fun things, try them out, and use at least one of them as the basis for a blog post. Include something visual in your post as an example.
Um, some of these are very odd. My Twitter profile is worth $223? Really? Why? It's not for sale. End of story, thanks for stopping by. My Twitter Grade is 95/100, and my rank is 122,920 out of 2,245,907 (is this good? bad? indifferent?)And I know the Tweetwasters thing is wrong-it says I have 640 tweets, when my actual page says I have 1791. I don't care who follows me or why; nor do I care who un-follows me and why (it's all good, either way).

4. Add your name to the Tweeter Directory and tell us more about it in your blog.
Dunno what happened when I tried, but I couldn't. Maybe that's the Universe's way of telling me I shouldn't. Or something.

5. Use one of the the alerting or scheduling tools for Twitter. How did it work for you? Can you see how this might be useful? I don't schedule my tweets, nor do I auto-follow, etc. I don't need the alerting tools-that's what Twitter Search is about. I can see how it might be useful, yes, especially in light of the Motrin Moms uproar from a few months ago, where a company might need to know what is being said about its products in real-time. But for me, nah. Not worth the hassle.

6. Read this post from The Next Web and use it as a Blog Prompt to tell us where you are in the stages of Twitter.
I'm somewhere in the mix of #4 & #5. I converse, but I also post useful information. I remember when Twitter first came out, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why anyone would care about hearing about the minutia of my everyday life. When I had to use it for LIS768 last fall, I did so only because I had to for class. I skipped right over #3 (using it to point people to my blog posts, etc).

7. Here's a long list of what other people think Twitter is. What do you think Twitter is? Include this in your blog post about this thing. Twitter is...whatever you want to make it be. Seriously. It can be about getting a class project done. It can be about finding people with similar interests. It can be about finding authors, books, publishers, readers, librarians, whomever. It can be a news feed. It's been all those and more for me. Like I've said, it's like a cocktail party where it's perfectly acceptable to eavesdrop on others' conversations, and perhaps chime in. I just use common sense and good manners. And that has opened up my world beyond measure.

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