Wednesday, October 15, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days: #4 is done!

Yay! The new house is finished, and we've moved in. Not that all of our things are moved in, or that we can find some of the things we *know* we had...but hey.

Building a house was much more work than I thought it would be, even though we didn't do any of the real labor ourselves. Who knew there are so many decisions that have to be made? Seriously, do I look like I care what color the grout is? Uh, no. It was frustrating for me sometimes because I am a very visual person--I don't seem to be able to 'see' something when it's just on paper, which made the process interesting. I told my husband that what we needed to do was to just build the house, and then I could say what I liked and what I didn't--it wasn't fair to have to pick out everything piece by piece. Especially the wall colors! Are you kidding me? The builders and workers had spent more time in the house at that point than I in the world was I supposed to know what colors would look good where? But it all worked out, and we love it.

Would I do it again? Um, let me think about it for a second...NO. At least not for a looooong time. We like our location (across from a lake, with dock rights), we like the size of our lot (just under a half-acre in the older part of town), and we like our neighbors.

I'll post pictures when I take them...just as soon as I can find the camera. *sigh*

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