Friday, October 31, 2008

LIS 768: Visit Our Site! (Group Project site)

From Chris' blog (one of the co-collaborators for this LIS 7680 class project):

Come one, come all, to the greatest, most social mock-up library website you’re likely to visit this week!

What can you do on this website? I’m so glad you asked.

  • Create your own account! You can sign up yourself in the left-hand sidebar, with no approval needed by anyone. Once you have an account, write your own book reviews that will show up on the front page. Leave comments on others’ book reviews and various other pieces of library news. You can also comment without an account, just putting in your name yourself.

  • Use Meebo to speak with your favorite librarians about all of your reference needs. Your favorite librarians, of course, being Kay, Lisa, and myself.

  • Go to the Adults, Teens, and Kids pages, to see the newest items, staff book reviews, and other news. On the Kids page is a blog devoted to the library’s StoryTime program — see what the theme is this week.

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed! Every time something new on the site gets posted, you’ll see it.

  • Search the library catalog straight from the front page.

  • Browse the library’s Flickr and Library Thing pages.

  • Check out the Calendar for new and upcoming events.

  • Check the weather — very important.

  • Find out more about the library on the About page. Including a Google Map link that will give you driving directions if you ask it to.

So give it a spin! If everyone gets familiar with it before our next class, it will make our presentation that much more interactive and in-depth. And if you have feedback, please leave it on this post as a comment. We would greatly appreciate it!

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Lindsay's 23 Things said...

I am here to write the first testimonial to say how great the website is! It is very easy to use and it has so many features. I love the weather feature, the mapping feature, IM, really, what doesn't this website do?