Sunday, October 5, 2008

LIS 768: Book Choice...maybe...

So, like Lindsay, I'm really intrigued by the whole digital natives/digital immigrants idea...and how it doesn't really play out that way. The digital divide also concerns me, especially if our public library isn't able to help those who don't have ready access to technology (or the know-how) because our systems are soooo slow. But, since I'm doing that topic for another class, I'm choosing to go a different way for this class.

My two books that I'm looking at are:

Tribes by Seth Godin, or

The Starbucks Experience
by Joseph A. Michelli.

Both have excellent points, and I can already see how both/either can be applied to libraries and library service. Which to choose, which to choose?

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Joseph A. Michelli said...

I am honored that you are even considering my book, "The Starbucks Experience" as one of your choices. Hopefully the book will meet your expectations and be a help to you.
Joseph A Michelli, Author