Friday, August 26, 2011

365 Photos Day 238


18 years ago today, I walked down a hallway lined with prisoners handcuffed to benches to a courtroom where I said, "I will" to the marriage vows I repeated to become Steve's wife.

No, seriously. We got married at the county courthouse; our 2 witnesses were one of Steve's friends, and the legal secretary of the judge. And apparently, court was in session when we were there, hence the prisoners. Do I find it odd that was how it happened? Not really. Just another day in the life.

That day was crazy hot. We hadn't quite figured out the air-conditioning in the apartment, so for dinner we went to the only air conditioned place in town (the gas station was air-conditioned too, but I have an innate distrust of gas station food), which was the Dairy Queen. It tends to make most people raise their eyebrows and give us weird looks when we say that yep, DQ was the wedding dinner that night. But somehow, considering the rest of the makes perfect sense.

So, even though it wasn't nearly as hot outside, we went to DQ for dinner tonight.

Here's to 18 (pretty much) fabulous years married to my favorite husband. I think we make an awesome team, and I'm pretty sure the next 18 years will be as entertaining.

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