Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 {More} Days of Pinterest: Day 12 University of Minnesota Pride

I have some friends who both went to the University of Minnesota. I have a daughter who is currently going to the University of Minnesota. They love all things Gopher. They probably bleed Maroon and Gold.

So what to get them for Christmas? I have a "U of M Golden Gophers" Pinterest board where I put things that catch my eye with them all in mind.

Pretty sure this is awesomely cool:

(Originally found at: texowadesign's etsy shop)

Dangit. They're sold out. I know I could probably ask them to make another, but maybe I could make a less cool version myself.

So I opened up my Microsoft Publisher and gave it a whirl.

For each line I created a text box, used Impact font in varying font sizes, and justified the text. I played around with the order of the items, and made sure to try and keep the spacing so it looks good.

Once I was happy with how it looked, I changed the font to the mustard-gold-y color that kind of looks right. I know I could go find the exact color, but eyeballing it is OK too.

After that, since each line was in a separate text box, I formatted the boxes and did a fill color of maroon in each one.

Once I had all that done, I did a 'Select All', then a 'Copy' and pasted it all into Paint. Then I saved it to my desktop as a .jpg so I had a shot at finding it again. I then opened it using the Microsoft Picture Manager program, and cropped the white edges.

Here's the finished picture:

I'm still debating whether to print it as a .jpg or just go with the Publisher document. I can tell the difference in clarity, but I might be the only one.

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