Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 {More} Days of Pinterest: Day 8 Wrangling User Manuals

I know I'm really behind on posting what my projects have been. This is what happens when life happens, I guess.

Anyway. Here we go...

One of the projects that I've been meaning to do for years awhile is to get all the user manuals for the various electronics, tools, appliances, and whatevers all in one easy to use place. This does not mean in a random basket that gets covered with other stuff...which is where they've been for years awhile.

The original pin for this organization idea came from a pin I saw on Pinterest from Desiring Virtue. My first thought when I saw that was literally, "Well, DUH." I already have a binder that I keep all the "how to run the house" information in, and it works fine.

With that in mind, I found an empty binder, some sheet protectors, and got out the user manual basket.

Of course I had my normal supervisor, Dart, to keep watch.

Then I got to work sorting them out, and trying to keep like with like.

Once I was done with that, I put the ones I was keeping in the sheet protectors, and recycled the rest. And there was quite a stack to be recycled.

Again, I kept like with like, but I didn't bother with using tab dividers or anything. Once I had them in order, I just put them in the binder.

Then just to be sure I'd remember what was in this binder, I made a quick cover sheet in Publisher and called it good. Now everyone in the family can find the user's manuals.

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