Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 {More} Days of Pinterest: Day 9 Shower Cleaning Done Easy

I seriously hate cleaning the bathroom. I don't know why that is, considering how happy it makes me when it is clean, but there you go.

When I saw this pin on Pinterest I thought it made sense.

Sometimes I can think outside the box. Sometimes I can't. I probably wouldn't have looked at this and thought, "Oh, hey-I can clean the shower with that." That's the beauty of it all...someone else can be brilliant and I can say, "Duh."

Anyway, I got out the vinegar, Dawn dishsoap, and my new dish scrubber thing to figure this out.

The mix is 1:1 of vinegar and Dawn dish soap. Everything I read said that the original Dawn was the best, and considering I had no other frame of reference, I just followed the directions.

I put it in the handle and went to work.

And WOW. It works! I think I'd do a couple of things differently next time. First, I'd only put in what I was intending to use, because I can't figure out how to make it stop oozing out of the scrubber. Second, I'd spray the wall of the shower first and let it set for awhile THEN spray it.

For as much as I don't like the initial smell of vinegar, and as much as I don't particularly care for the scent of original Dawn, this one's a winner.

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