Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 {More} Days of Pinterest: Day 2 Hot Ham & Cheese

It's no secret that I'm not much of a cook. When the rest of my family is gone, I'm happy eating Cheerios for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My husband, however, does not share the same love of cereal as an all-purpose meal. Luckily for him, he actually likes to cook. When it's my turn to make dinner, though, I opt for something fairly quick and easy, like these hot ham and cheese hot-pockety kind of things.

Here's the picture from my Pinterest board, "Yum":

(Originally from: Cooking4Carnivores )

I can assure you mine are not that pretty, nor do they have as much filling stuff in them. They taste good, though.

Here's what you need:

Yep. Three things. Like I said, I go for easy. You can add lots more to it all, but these three ingredients will do the trick.

First take out the Crescent Rolls and divide them up so that they're in squares, not triangles.

Then layer on your ham and cheese. We got shredded cheese this time, but we've successfully used sliced cheddar as well.

Then you can roll them up like in the original picture, or you can pinch the edges together, kind of like a calzone. Steve doesn't care if things are falling out of his, but I like mine to be all enclosed. It also helps in the identifying of whose is whose, especially since he does like to add additional fillings to his.

We just bake it on whatever the temperature and times are on the Crescent Roll package--I think around 10 minutes work best, but definitely check on them and flip them as needed.

Then it's dinner time! If I've had to work late, paper plates it is. You can eat these with your hands, but I tend to end up burning my fingers, so I just use a fork.

Like I said-quick and easy. The best kind of dinner, especially after a long day at work, or when you need to make something fast for on the go.

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