Monday, September 1, 2008

23 Things: Thing #14 LibraryThing (Challenge) [out of order :) ]

Well, duh! If I would have read down the 23 Things list a little more carefully, I would have realized that I'd partially completed this Thing (#14) last December, and finished it this July! My LibraryThing widget is on the left side of this blog, down the page a bit.

For my Cataloging class, I did my final paper on the difference between 'formal library cataloging (LC standards, etc)' and how LibraryThing makes it all work together. Well, that was the upshot of it all, anyhow.

If you want to go see the rest of my library, my member name is: digressions

As to how I can use it for the Winsted Library, when I build a web page for the library, I intend to link LibraryThing to it for patrons to use. I use it now for finding readalikes and to tell patrons about different books. It could also be used to make lists of books used in various storytimes, and can lead the parents & caregivers to even more books with the same theme. LibraryThing can be accessed from anywhere; I can load books into my LibraryThing library, and then log in when I'm at the Winsted Library.

I really really like LibraryThing. When I first used it, it seemed confusing, but spending a couple of hours just seeing where my clicks led me was a great way to figure it out. It's really easy to enter books into my library (which needs updating!) I use it to keep track of some of my To-be-read (TBR)books. When I'm done with Library School in May 2009, I will finish loading my home library into my LibraryThing Library.

GoodReads is another option, and I've heard good things about it from some of my classmates. I just like LibraryThing better (probably because I'm more familiar with the ins and outs of it-doing a research project on it helped).

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