Sunday, September 14, 2008

23 Things: Thing #20 Facebook & MySpace

So, here's the thing...I didn't create a page for either of these tools. I know I won't use them for my own personal use, and honestly? The Winsted Library isn't ready to have a presence on either of them yet, either. Why? Well, I think that for a library (or any public entity) to have a page on either, there needs to be a good website to direct people back to...and we're not there yet.

Here's the page for the Winsted Library on Pioneerland's site. Pretty sad, eh? It's outdated-we haven't been in that building for over 3's definitely not welcoming...and that web presence is just not working.

Here's the page that the City of Winsted has for the Winsted Library.

So, that's why right now, there are other priorities on the list. But I'm not ruling out the possibilities here.

However, I did go through both the Facebook and MySpace sites just to check them out and get familiar with them. When the library gets that far, both of those are good sites, but I am leaning toward MySpace just because it seems easier to use. It looks like something that is user friendly, and I like how the pages can be easily changed.

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