Sunday, September 14, 2008

23 Things: Thing #19 Podcasts

How cool are these? I love the way they can bring in a whole other audience than the one that was the original listeners to the show/program/whatever. And, just thinking about how they can be used in the library...storytimes, programming, what's new at the library--there are so many possibilities! My favorite part is that I can listen to them when I want to listen to them, and not miss them because I couldn't be listening at the time they were on.

I listened to the Dave Ramsey show on podcast. My favorites are Fridays, when people call in to yell, "FREEEEEEEEEEE-DOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!" after paying off their debt. I didn't listen to any library ones, but I did go through the sites just to see what was out there.

Creating a podcast is definitely on the project list for the library. This is a neat Thing!

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