Saturday, September 13, 2008

LIS 768: And off we go!

I'm also going to be using this blog for my LIS 768 (Library 2.0) class this Fall term...but I promise to keep tagging everything really well to keep it easy to find!

So, hello to the LIS's my blog. Not as spiffy as the way cool Wordpress ones that many of my classmates created (love the background choices), but it'll work.

This is going to be really fun--putting together what I've done with my 23 Things and what I'm going to be doing in this class.

Want to see that 23 Things on a Stick library project that some of the posts are about on this blog? Here's a link: 23 Things on a Stick. This will take you to the main see the 23 Things, scroll waaaay down to the bottom.

Want to see where I work? Here's the front of the Winsted Public Library.

No's all good!

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