Friday, September 12, 2008

23 Things: Thing 18-Video

I love YouTube, I really do. There's always something to videos, old cheesy commercials, how-to videos, tv shows...just to name a few.

Here's my library-themed YouTube video. I don't work at the Eden Prairie library, but I love this video. It's a fun way to let patrons know what is offered, and it's pretty good humor.

And one of my favorites...words to live by.

I also checked out Jumpcut. Some of the videos for FlyLady are on there, so I watched some of them. I'd actually forgotten about them until this 'thing'.

I've used YouTube most often, but I did know of some of the other video sharing sites. I think each has both good and bad points, and it comes down to a personal preference. Putting together videos for the library can help patrons learn about the library and what it has to offer in a non-formal way. St Kate's (where I go to school) made some for the library, and they are great! Libraries could use this tool to make videos showing how to use the online catalog, how to apply for a library card, making virtual tours of the library, online storytimes, upcoming events at the library...and those are just off the top of my head.

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