Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Photos Day 132

Since Blogger was down yesterday, I couldn't post this here. But it's back, and so now I can. *throws confetti*


I drove almost 2 hours 1 way to sit in the cold rain to watch the Kid play softball. Since it was so far away, it was a double-header.

She sat the first game.

I got rained on the first game.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate getting rained on? No? Suffice it to say, it is nowhere near my top ten list of things I love.

So, I’d been thinking about watching the second game from the warmth of the car, when one of the people I’d been sitting next to came and told me that if they were suffering the rain and cold, so could I. So I did.

And was surprised as heck to see the Kid catching. I mean, it’s one of the positions she plays, but her coach (in his infinite wisdom) hasn’t had her catch a game thus far this season.

If I’dve known she was going to be catching, I’dve moved my chair so I wasn’t sitting behind home plate.

See, during the last dome ball game of the 2009-2010 season, in the second to last inning, while she was catching, she took a foul ball off her helmet. It hit her hard enough that it left a dent. IN HER HELMET. I still remember the feeling of, “Oh crap, that’s going to hit her” and watching her finish the game still dazed.

Turns out she got a concussion. A fairly bad one at that. Her second in less than a year (the previous June she’d been knocked out during a play at home plate…when she was catching). It was kind of alarming.

So I stopped sitting behind home plate. I just couldn’t anymore. I did once this past winter, and she got drilled in the head while batting and went down like she’d been shot. I was told that I can’t come watch her play dome ball anymore, or if I did, I can’t sit behind home plate.

Today she didn’t get hit, run over, or otherwise maimed, which is good.

But next game…I’m moving my chair anyway.

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