Thursday, May 19, 2011

365 Photos Day 139


This is what we (sort of) affectionately call our "Back Room of DOOOOOOOM" (say it in an announcer's works better).

I spent the vast majority of the afternoon at the library getting ready for the booksale that'll be happening this upcoming weekend. I brought all the books that I'd stored in the back room out, plus weeded 544 (all but 75 today, yes. It was fun. In an odd sort of way.) more.

All winter long, when we get donated books, I sort through them, keep the ones out I want to add to the collection and then box up the ones that'll be booksale fodder. I stack as many boxes as I can under that countertop, as well as against the wall that is just behind the door that would be at the far left of the picture if I'dve left the picture uncropped. Suffice it to say, the boxes this year were over my head, and it's a good thing they didn't fall on anyone going through here to get to the restroom.

The boxes that are currently under there are empty. I don't think we've had quite this many books on the booksale in a few years, but that's OK. Book sale proceeds go toward funding the Summer Reading program and to other projects the Library Board is working on (which is nothing right now, but that's OK too).

My boss walked back there and said, and I quote, "HOLY SHIT THIS IS CLEANED OUT BACK HERE I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME IT WAS LIKE THIS!!!!! YOU SHOULD TAKE A PICTURE!!!!" If I'dve been thinking, I'dve asked for a raise. But alas, I was probably toting yet another load of boxes out to the tables.

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