Thursday, June 16, 2011

365 Photos Day 166


Today I broke out my new pair of shoes. My other ones were really worn down and starting to make my knees and hips hurt. So now they're just painting shoes, and these are my spiffy eye-blinding white ones.

I used to like getting Nike shoes, but I'm more of a Reebok girl now. No, not because Reebok is one of the Dallas Cowboys' sponsors, but because they are one of the only shoe people who realize that yes, adults CAN wear a size 5, and would like to do so without sparkles or other kid-stuff.

Yes, a size 5. I used to wear a 4 1/2, but then I had the Kid and my feet smushed out enough I have to wear a size 5. And normally shop in the Kid's section, which is galling enough without the added indignity of glitter, sparkles, cartoon characters and all that.

In any case, WOOO!!! New shoes!!!

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