Wednesday, June 29, 2011

365 Photos Day 179


I've spent some of the evening trying to figure out the Kid's college schedule for next year. The level of difficulty is rather high because I have to balance it with what she needs to graduate from high school (she's doing what's called PSEO, which stands for post-secondary something or another; she gets college credits and high school credits at the same time).

It's made even harder because of the guidance counselor at the high school, who refuses to give more than a semester's worth of credit for any given college class. Her rationale is that the college classes ONLY last for one semester, therefore they are equal to one semester in the high school. Uh, semester in the college is equal to more like one YEAR in the high school. Basically, the Kid is doing twice (or more) the work as her classmates, yet is only getting the same amount of credit.

The positive thing about all this is that she'll be graduating with her 2-year AA or AAS degree 2 weeks before she graduates from high school. Best of all, it's been mostly FREE because the state pays for it.

She has been taking 2 summer classes, and was to start a 3rd next week, but a couple of days ago had a meltdown because all the go-go-go was getting to her. In the interest of keeping her sane, I had her drop the 3rd summer class so she can recharge (she can take it next spring, so no big deal). So I'm juggling around her schedule to make sure every requirement is going to be met.

All I gotta say about all this is that planning and executing a world takeover would be easier.

(the "artwork" at the bottom of that page is my version of Kandinsky & Rothko. I was trying to sell her on the History of Modern Art class. I don't think she's buying, though.)

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