Tuesday, February 22, 2011

365 Photos Day 52


This chest of drawers is one of my mother's family's heirlooms that I've been lucky enough to get.

It started off somewhere in the South, then came by wagon train west to Oregon, then onto Northern Washington, where it lived happily for many years. It then went back to Oregon (when my Mom got it), and then came back east to Minnesota in the back of a rented Blazer (when I got it). Who knows where my daughter will be when she gets to have it...hopefully somewhere she loves.

I guess today's lesson is: Sometimes things come almost full circle, in rather surprising ways, and upon further reflection, it hasn't been such a bad journey.

Related: I'm practicing reading and re-reading and re-reading the books I've chosen for the Jj Storytime. I think Kit Kat has had quite enough of Jamberry and Snappy Little Jungle, as have I.

(The lamp was Steve's paternal grandmother's; the clock he picked up at a farm estate auction; the roses were on Valentine's clearance at Target last year; and the white urn thingy is one of my finds from Goodwill last fall.)

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