Saturday, February 26, 2011

365 Photos Day 57


Salt. Salt for our water softener.

Getting said salt for said softener sounds easy enough, right? The form said 'solar salt', which is what we use. So that's what we got. The form said NOTHING about said solar salt being coarse salt and not pellets (for reference: we do NOT normally use the blue bag salt; we use the happy sunshine-y bag of salt).

Apparently, our softener is a diva and will use a crap-ton of the coarse salt when regenerating, instead of a modest amount as it does when there are pellets. And when there's a crap-ton of salt being used, it means the water is extra softened...and VERY SALTY. And when I accidentally set the softener to regenerate two nights in a row...well, it's Not Good.

This kind of water tends to make my hair look (and feel) disgusting, and doesn't do wonders for my skin, either. This makes me grumpy, which is also Not Good.

Yes, I realize that there are billions of people who would love to have clean water, regardless of how much salt is in it. That's why I feel as if I'm being a bit ungrateful about all this.

But, I'm looking forward to the day when all is right with our water again. Which should be in a few days (I hope).

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