Wednesday, April 13, 2011

365 Photos Day 102


Today I started working on the laundry room. Well, I primed it anyway. The laundry room has bothered me all winter long because of the two-toned walls in clashing colors (orange covered by a rich olive green). But now it's primed and ready to go when I finally decide what color it should be. And even in it's stark white primer, it looks better and brighter than it did.

There's just something about the "shoooshhh shooosshhh" sound of the brush and the similar sound of the roller that makes me happy.

Maybe it's that I appreciate being able to see the results of my handiwork almost immediately. I'm not big on waiting (I'm rather impatient). And if I end up not liking the color, well, it's just paint. I can always repaint, no big deal.

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