Monday, April 4, 2011

365 Photos Day 94


This is the solar-powered "car" that the Kid built a couple of weeks ago. FOR FUN. She wants to go into Engineering (mechanical, I think) because she wants to build things that run on renewable resources (such as solar or wind power) instead of oil.

We just figured out her school schedule for next fall. She's very excited to be taking Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. I'm pretty sure I'd cry if I had to take all three of those together in a given term--for that matter, I'd probably cry if I had to take any TWO of those together. Ever.

Her math skillz come in handy when I'm trying to sketch out a project. All I have to do is show her what I'm thinking, and she can tell me the dimensions. Of course, sometimes I start drilling or nailing only to have her say, "WAIT! I was half an inch off!" (Like I care. It's closer than I would've gotten by my own self.)

Her father & I aren't sure where her intelligence comes from some days--don't get me wrong, we're plenty smart. But she's smarter. It's amazing to see how she figures things out.

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