Friday, April 15, 2011

365 Photos Day 105


Tonight was for trying something new. The Kid and I made cake balls for a bake sale on Sunday. We've never attempted these before, but I'm OK with winging things (sometimes), so this was a series of "does this work?" moments.

I think that we'll probably make them again, now that we've (almost) perfected our technique. She says they're pretty good, but I'm sick of looking at/dealing with them, so I don't even want to try them.

**Cake balls are fairly easy to make. Here's how to do it in 16 easy steps:
1) Bake a cake & wait for it to cool
2) Smush cake up into crumbs
3) Mix in a tub of frosting
4) Put onto waxed paper or something like it in teaspoon sized glops
5) Put into freezer for awhile (an hour-ish)
6) Melt chocolate chips/almond bark/whatever in double boiler or microwave
7) Dip the balls into the chocolate & completely cover them
8) Swear loudly when you realize that you've just lost your spoon in the chocolate
9) Get the ball out of the chocolate and put on paper plate & add sprinkles
10) Repeat for as many cake balls as you have made for that batch
11) Run out of room on the paper plate & have to put them back on the waxed paper
12) Transfer the ones from the paper plate over to the waxed paper to keep them all together
13) Swear some more when you can't get the bottom of the cake balls loose from the paper plate, causing the balls to break
14) Decide those will be your "samples" and eat some.
15) Repeat for the other 2 cookie sheets, this time without losing a spoon or the interim step of the paper plate
16) Clean up the kitchen & call it a success

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