Saturday, April 23, 2011

365 Photos Day 112


This is what remains of the cake that we bought to celebrate Amanda getting a 34 on her ACT test.

She took it for the first time last spring, just to see what it was like. She didn't study or look over anything, but still managed to get a 30. One of the ladies who works in her high school's office said that was the 3rd highest score anyone had ever gotten from that school (the 2nd was a 31, and the 1st was a 33).

So, Amanda set her sights on beating both of those.

The second time she took the test, she got a 31. The third time, a 34 (with a perfect 36 on the English part).

She says she's done taking the ACT. She did what she set out to do, and can live with this score.

I'm so proud of her. Not just for doing so well, which she did, but also because she focused on a goal and didn't give up until she'd achieved it. Incredible.

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