Monday, March 7, 2011

365 Photos Day 66


My sewing basket, such as it is, with a few odd colors of thread, weird sized needles, some patches, a random thing of velcro, a baby food jar of buttons, a nice pair of pinking shears which mainly get used on paper, random bobbins and machine needles, and a small embroidery hoop.

I had some mending to do tonight, since apparently ignoring it doesn't get the job done (oh, but I wish). Also, these weren't things I could just staple together. No, I'm not kidding about the stapling. By the Kid's last year of Brownies I was so tired of sewing patches on her sash I gave up and stapled them on. I have to say that while this may not have been the ideal solution, it made it easy to figure out which sash was hers.

I can mend. I can sort of embroider (nothing too fancy). I can't machine sew to save my life, nor can I do anything interesting like knit or crochet. I'd like to be able to sew using a sewing machine, but alas, I cannot. The whole loading the bobbin and threading the machine throws me for a loop, as does the figuring out of sewing patterns. I'm more of an "eyeballer" myself (as in, I'll eyeball the dimensions and pray that it works, rather than measure exactly. This has not always worked to my benefit).

But I can mend and sew buttons back on without too much difficulty. Even if the thread color I use doesn't match anything.

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