Thursday, March 24, 2011

365 Photos Day 83


I went to an event here in town called Books & Bars. The guy who moderates it, along with some of his regulars, made a special road trip out to do this. The book we had chosen was Monkeewrench by PJ Tracy, which was one he'd wanted to do for awhile, so it worked out well.

It was fun, mostly. I really really really really don't like dissecting a book after I've read it. I think it's a holdover from high school Honors English and all the years I was in college. I like to read the book, enjoy the book, then put away the book and move on to the next book. I do not like to question the motives or deeper meanings of the book. I do not like to attempt to gauge where it should fall within the Literary Canon. I do not like to completely pick apart the book and analyze every little thing.

One other thing that kind of, but not really, surprised me was the small town mindset that some participants had. All I gotta say is, "Thank you, Mom, for making sure that I understood that there is more than what is within any given small town, and thank you and Dad for teaching me tolerance via your actions and words."

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