Tuesday, March 29, 2011

365 Photos Day 88


I got to spend most of the afternoon with these three. The taller blonde one in the back is my Kid, but the other 2 are ones we borrowed from a friend.

We went to the library that I go to on Tuesdays, where the younger 2 went nuts in the kid's section. They checked out 68 books/movies/audios...but the best part was that we let them run the check-out machine themselves in the kid's area.

We also took them out for lunch. After lunch the three of them rode the escalators for fun for a couple rounds. Then we went to Target where the 2 younger ones got to ride in a big cart (their mom doesn't let them because it's too hard for her to steer it) and got them M&Ms (my thought is that it's my job as an honorary aunt to get them all sugared up and then send them home. I think we did OK.).

It was a fun day. Exhausting, but fun.

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