Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 Photos Day 85


This particular rug will be going into Steve's office once it flattens out some, but for now I have it by the back door (which is actually our main entrance). I like the size (5' x 7'), and it will look good in his office. It just looks a little plain out in the main living area, but at least I know that when I look for a rug for that spot, it should be at least as big as this one. Having it laid out on the floor helps me see how it looks.

I am terrible at the whole spatial relations thing, which tends to get me into trouble when I just eyeball instead of actually measuring the available space for something. I mean, I can take my tape measure and measure out how big something is, but that information does not help at all when it's in theory. Same with trying to figure out how much paint to buy to paint a room. Or hang things up on the wall. Or most math-y stuff.

And yes, I didn't do very well on that section of the SAT test. And I probably should have paid more attention in math when we were learning that stuff. But my thoughts were, "Seriously? Who even USES this crap?" Apparently, me.

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