Sunday, March 20, 2011

365 Photos Day 79


It's Prom Season again. Today was spent looking at and having the Kid try on a bunch of dresses.

It was quickly determined that white was a no-go, as was anything that required a diagram on how to get into and put together the dress.

She did find The One, which I promptly purchased because we learned last year that although dresses can always be returned if not needed/wanted, it's harder to buy a dress that was there just last week, but no longer is.

So, the hard part is done. Now it's on to all the other stuff (jewelry, hair, and I can't remember what else).

The best part of today was not just spending it with her, but watching her find that dress. Last year it was me saying, "This is the dress. Trust me on this." Today she put this dress on and said, "This is it. I'd like this one." Last year was her first time at prom, so she was a little nervous. This year she's more confident in what she's doing, and I think it'll really show through.

(None of the dresses pictured are The One. She doesn't want it shown before prom, and that seems reasonable to me.)

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