Monday, March 14, 2011

365 Photos Day 73


Too blue. Too white. Too grey. Too I don't even know what the heck color that IS. Oooo, that'd look good, but maybe not in this room. Maybe I should look at other colors. Maybe I should just put up the beadboard first and THEN figure out what color the room needs to be. Nah, it's not that hard. Almost anything would be better than living with this mish-mash. But then I have to figure out what color the trim is so I can color match it and get paint for the beadboard. Maybe beadboard isn't the way to go. Maybe just a board and batten, without the just the batten. Or maybe just one color, no beadboard, no board & batten. But then that would be boring. Well, maybe laundry rooms aren't supposed to be exciting. Except this is MY laundry room, so I'd like it to have SOME personality. Good thing I can't paint right now.

This picture of the day brought to you by my internal dialogue whilst attempting to decide what to do with the laundry room this upcoming Spring. If Spring decides to show up this year.

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