Sunday, March 20, 2011

365 Photos Day 78


The idea behind Operation Rice Bowl is to save money during Lent in order to donate to those less fortunate, mostly overseas. Yes, this is a rather simplified explanation, but that's basically what's up.

I also strongly believe in donating to the county or local food shelves, so we do that as well. I've never had to use the food shelf, but that's mainly because I'm very fortunate. I've definitely come close to needing it a few times in my life, so when we donate food, we don't donate the stuff we don't want--we donate the kinds of things that we use in our everyday lives. My thought is if it's good enough for us, it's also good enough for others.

These are things I make sure we donate to all year round, but especially during the Lenten season. Not as a penance by any means, but rather in thanksgiving that we have enough to share with others.

I always remember how my Mom put it: We give because we can.

So, throughout this Lenten season, I'll be saving all my change and some odd dollars in order to give it to Operation Rice Bowl at Eastertime.

Because I can.

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