Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 Photos Day 11


This is where I go most Tuesday nights.

It started when I was in grad school at St Kate’s for my Masters in Library & Information Science. It seemed that my children’s/YA lit classes were usually on a Tuesday night, with required reading of approximately 1.5 zillion books a week.

I found that not only did the Hennepin County Library system actually HAVE most of the required books, I could keep them for longer than I can from the library system I actually work for. Not only that, there’s more audio books to choose from, which is a must-have when one’s commute is 1.5 hours ONE WAY.

I would stop there on my way to school to pick up and check out said required books, and the resulting due dates would be on a….wait for it….TUESDAY.

Even though I’m finished with school now (thank goodness), I still have Tuesdays off, and it’s just become part of my weekly routine. I like to test-drive books and audios before purchasing them for my own library, and because Hennepin County is awesome at getting such a wide range of materials, I can get them and decide, rather than spend the money and regret.

Also, I just like going to libraries.

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