Thursday, January 13, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized Day 11

Day #11 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The FREEZER)

I am happy to say, for once I've already done the challenge for the day! Yay, me!

I cleaned out the (upstairs) freezer and refrigerator a couple of weeks ago. But I thought I should probably check the downstairs freezers to make sure all was well and good. Yes, we have 3 freezers. Why this should surprise me (or anyone else who's been looking at my 21 Days to Getting Organized posts) I haven't the faintest. I mean, we had 3 cupboards where Tupperware could be found & 3 different places where food was stored, right?

Anyway, here are the pictures:

Upstairs freezer:

And the door:

Granted, we're due to go grocery shopping, but we're pretty good about using everything in the freezer. Except Eggo waffles. For whatever reason, I forget that I get them, and then end up having to toss them months later because of freezer burn.

The downstairs freezer, full of salmon filets:

And the mini-chest freezer, which now that I think about it...I can't remember the last time we actually used this:

I thought about just taking the day off from it all, but decided that wasn't really in the spirit of organizing the house. So, I picked another area: the TV cabinet. It wasn't bad, but did need going through. The cats appreciated getting extra treats (I was consolidating the treat bags, and they heard the rustling) and it looks better now.


It never fails. I can do eleventy billion last sweeps of the house to make sure I get all the Christmas stuff put away and still miss something. In this case, I'd forgotten to put away all of the Christmas movies. D'oh.

The inside looked like this:



And, yes, that is a naked Barbie you see at the bottom of the pictures. The cats hijacked it from our daughter when she was younger. Not sure why, but one of our cats took quite a shine to that particular Barbie doll. So much so that she would drag the doll off by her hair so that she could lay by it and give it lots of loves and hugs. It got to the point where I just had to get the Kid another one to play with so that the cat could have that one. As we've gotten new cats, they too have been attracted to "Dolly." Who knows why? So the doll is over by the rest of the cat toys. :)

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