Friday, January 7, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized Day 5

Day #5 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Under the Kitchen Sink)

This wasn't bad. I already kept most of the things in a small plastic storage tote out of habit. In our previous house (which we tore down & built a new one), there were plenty of problems with the kitchen sink. Slow leaks, fast leaks, leaks that would be there one day, but not the next when someone was there to look at was not fun. It got to the point where I stopped keeping my dishtowels/rags under the sink because I'd go to get a clean one, and they'd all be damp. I started putting all the cleaners in a tote so that we could just move ONE thing instead of every single bottle when trying to figure out where the newest leak was coming from.




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Sally said...

Well now, that's better! :) I'll be someone could make a mint if they invented a CUTE garbage disposal. ;)