Saturday, January 22, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized Day 18

Day #18 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Keepsakes)

I had to think about where exactly our keepsake-y things are first, and then how we have them stored. The containers could definitely be niftier, but they work for now.

Here's the Kid's keepsake boxes on the top shelf of her closet:

The paper ream box has some baby stuff and some school stuff.

When she was in grade school, at the beginning of each year she'd get a folder with school information in it. I'd keep some of her projects, most of her awards, and some report cards and then stick them all in the folder, which then was put into the box.

When we were looking through it as I was taking the pictures, it was fun to see her reactions to some of it. I also noticed that I hadn't really saved much after 3rd grade, but I think that's because I went back to school myself when she started 4th grade and was overwhelmed by too much constant clutter and papers and so just tossed a bunch of stuff I'dve normally gone through and sorted out.

The blue box has some of the things she's collected over the years that she's not ready to part with yet. She has all of her medals from various softball tournaments, a container of shells, and who knows what else in there. As long as it's corralled, I don't care what's in there.

As for my husband's keepsakes, some are in his office and some are in a storage tote down in the basement, which I am not going to go looking for because the basement is alarmingly in need of organizing right now thankyouverymuch (this weekend's project, maybe).

My keepsakes are mostly photos, which are in boxes in my Closet of Doom (which isn't so Doom-y now).

For the "thing" keepsakes, some are in the cedar chest (the double-wedding ring quilt) and a hand-crocheted tablecloth, some are in storage containers in the basement (the family Bibles), but most I either use or display around the house. Yes, it'd be a Bad Thing if they got broken, but I'd rather have things that I USE than things that just take up space (One of my favorite sayings is, "Make yourself useful, not just decorative." The Kid rolls her eyes when she hears it.).

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