Wednesday, January 5, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized: Day 3

Oh my. This was the one I was hoping would come MUCH later on. But, alas, no.

Day #3 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Messy Tupperware Cabinets)

Now, it's not so much that the Tupperware cabinets were soooo messy. It's that, for whatever reason (probably the "just put it somewhere" thing from when we moved in), we had Tupperware in no less than 3, yes THREE, cabinets in our kitchen. One was the normal place it was stored. Another had some of the bigger pieces. And the third? Yeah, I found an UNOPENED box of the stuff when I was going through the cabinets this past summer. Wow.

This challenge quickly became like the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" books. Hmmm. That actually seems to be a consistent theme when I'm doing house projects. ANYWAY. I knew I wanted all the storage containers together. I did not anticipate having to shift so many things in the kitchen cabinets for this to happen. Long story short, I did, and love the result (the storage containers all together. The rest needs some more work).


Cabinet 1, where the unopened box was found this past summer:

Cabinet 2, where the normal home for the storage containers was:

Cabinet 3, where some of the bigger pieces were (I really do NOT like the corner cabinets):

During (I was being closely supervised by the cats):

Cabinet 1:

Cabinets 2 (one by window) & 3 (upper corner) with what I pulled out of said cabinets:

And more from all cabinets:

At this point the cats were wondering what in the world was going on. And so was I.

And now the afters:

Cabinet 1 (which will be turned into a recycling center...soon):

Cabinet 2 (the former official home of storage containers):

Cabinet 3 (the not-liked corner cabinet where I put the things we don't use often):

Aaaaannnnddddd....the New home for ALL the storage containers (up above the microwave, next to the fridge):

Whew! Can't wait to see what tomorrow's challenge brings.

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cyndi said...

i get that if you give a mouse a cookie feeling all the time lately with these challenges, as long as it keeps me productive, im ok with it. you did a great job!