Tuesday, January 25, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized Day 20

Day #20 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Photos)

I almost skipped this one but I thought, "You know what? I've come this far, and she hasn't led me wrong yet. I'll do it. It's been on my list for a couple of years."

And so began the Great Photo Organizing of 2011.

First I got out the boxes and loose albums with our photos:

Then I brought them all downstairs to my office:

And started sorting them into piles, with a little help from Dart:

Once I got a system going, things went much smoother. I concentrated on getting the photos out of the (approximately 1.5 million) sandwich bags and into the photo albums. This was also where I started mentally smacking myself for not writing down the dates on the backs of the pictures:

Finally, that was (mostly) done, with the exception of pictures from my childhood. Some of those are already in the albums, so I just need to sort through and see which ones are duplicates. I also was able to set aside some to send my aunt, who lost many of her family pictures in a house fire a few years ago.

This is where I ended for the night:

My childhood pictures are contained in the photo box, waiting to be sorted through and I went from 2 boxes & loose albums to everything fitting into one box. I'll be looking for a better storage container for the albums...the cardboard mailing box just isn't really doing much for me. :) I also need to go through all the digital pictures saved on my hard drive. I have a feeling I'll be able to delete some.

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Kristal said...

Way to go! Congratulations!