Saturday, January 22, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized Day 19

Day #19 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Master Closet)

I painted this closet this past summer, so I'd already sorted through everything. When I put the closet back together, I only put up one hanging bar to help keep everything under control (there were hanging bars with overhead shelves on all 3 sides, which really got to be a HUGE mess). Most of the clothes are my husband's work clothes, plus some of his at-home clothes. All my clothes fit into my half of the dresser, mainly because I only keep the clothes for the current season out (winter clothes are out now...turtlenecks & long pants; summer clothes are packed away: t-shirts and shorts in the box that's visible at the back of the closet).

Close up of the off-season clothes box (complete with Christmas doo-dads I forgot to pack up with the other Christmas stuff):

We don't have anything on the shelf, but that's mainly because I like the clean uncluttered look.

The one thing I meant to get last summer after I finished the closet overhaul was a shoe rack. It's not that we have a gazillion pairs of shoes but rather that everytime I vacuum in there, I have to move all the shoes. With a shoe rack, I can just move them all at once. Some of our shoes are down by the entry door, but that's a whole 'nother problem area.

So, tonight I went to Target and looked at shoe racks. I found one for $2.99 that'll do the trick.

Much better:

With a little help from Kit Kat, I cleared off the top of the dresser:

And went to my Room of Requirement (formerly known as The Closet of Doom) to find a basket that my husband can put the things he takes out of his pockets:

This is the other part of our Master Closet, but I disassembled it last summer when I was painting because 1) we didn't use it, and 2) it was actually supposed to be a linen closet, but the house plans weren't changed and I didn't catch it. I have plans for it this upcoming building/painting season though. :) It's right across from the main Master Closet. The hallway leads toward the Master Bathroom.

All in all...not too bad!


Patty said...

Wow, I wish my closet was that uncluttered :) Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love Kit Kat helping! Tigger was helping me clean mine.

Lisa said...

Patty-thank you! The closet is only that uncluttered because I went through EVERYTHING this past summer when I was moving everything out of it to paint it. I don't have any pictures from then, but it wasn't so pretty. :)

Paige--Seems like one or more of our 4 cats end up "helping" me as I've been doing this. Apparently I must be in need of close supervision. :D